We aim to make your experience with Imagine Kit Homes as easy as possible, with only a few steps you’ll be soon constructing your dream home. Select your design, make changes to the plan or completely start fresh, get a final quote, get council approval, materials will arrive at your door, construct your home.

Quoted prices are the materials for the supply of a kit home. They do not include any personal choice items or labour.

For a full list of inclusions please visit our inclusions page here.

We use steel frames in our kits for a number of reasons, it’s lightweight and extremely strong won’t burn, is termite and borer proof and won’t shrink, twist or warp like a conventional timber frame.

Working with steel frames allows us to produce designs that would be impossible with other materials. Giving the customer more design choice and often resulting in a less expensive build cost.

Our steel frames are manufactured to meet strict Australian standards or regional specific standards. Modern steel framing uses high tensile steel components and jointing methods and are specifically designed to pass strict performance tests.  

Our steel frames feature a ‘cold cutting’ coating. This allows the product to ‘self heal’ whereby the zinc in the surrounding coating will react with moisture in the air resulting in galvanic protection of the newly exposed edge.

If our kit homes were people, they’d be some of the most well-travelled individuals out there. Here’s a list of some of the places our kit homes have arrived at safe and sound: Australia, China, Dubai, Fiji, India, Kiribati, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

At Imagine Kit Homes our aim is to get the house to your site as cheaply as possible with no additional margins added. We encourage our customers to seek the best price possible and if you are able to beat our prices we are more than comfortable using your transport option.

Shipping can be performed all at once in a shipping container or as each stage is completed at the client’s discretion.

As a guide, if you double the kit price plus 10% it will give you an indication of the total cost. Our costs are for the manufacturing and supply of the frame for your home. Your budget will determine the contractors and materials you can use which affects the total cost of the constructed home.

Our homes can be engineered to suit any location including cyclonic locations for an additional price. Our cyclonic rated plans are rated to suit cyclonic C2 wind loading, however we can upgrade our structures to wind speeds of 309 KMs per hour.

All of our designs can be altered to suit your requirements. We design, engineer and provide materials to suit the region where the house will be built.

Have plan’s you love, but haven’t found the right builder yet? That’s fine, at Imagine Kit Homes we can help you construct your dream home. We will work out how to create your dream home using our steel kits, custom designed to your plan.

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Quoted prices are the materials for the supply of a kit home. They do not include any personal choice items including internal fittings or labour.

We have a number of builders that we can recommend if you are building in Australia which can be found here.

We also have builders and agents we can recommend in Fiji, New Zealand, Tonga and Vanuatu. For more information on this builders please contact us here.

While we don’t have any display homes that you can enter to inspect we do have a number of properties which you can view from the outside to show you the finish you can expect. To view a list of homes you can view please click here.

Obtaining finance to owner build your home can be a challenge, in saying this every client that is determined to make it work can normally find a solution.  The key is don’t give up! Just as important as finding the right property to build on is finding the finance package that best suits your needs. Often it is best to look at your options by using a finance broker which will do the hunting around for you. One company that specialises in assisting owner builders is  http://www.serviceone.com.au/BankingAndFinance/Loans/HomeLoans