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Imagine Kit Homes steel fame construction system mEverything you need – from planning & approvals through to building steps & processes are covered in our full project management & professional building support system. We give you full time support throughout the build, we can assist anyone with basic skills to build a house in a matter of weeks.

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Our Steel Framing is covered by a 50 year product warranty.

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Delivery, Process & Support.

Imagine Kit Homes not only provides detailed plans & instruction but you will also have access to a building expert and project coordinator that you can get assistance from anytime. We also provide a complete step by step guide that has all the steps and things you need to do as a project manager to get the project completed.

Building with imagine kit homes is a very rewarding experience and one that you are fully guided and supported with throughout your journey.

Imagine kit homes provides everything you require from the ground up along with assistance throughout the build. Specialist services including site excavation, foundation design, water & septic services – these aspects will have to be organised by the owner (with assistance from Imagine Kit Homes). We do provide an easy to follow list of directives and steps enabling you to do this like a professional with years of experience. All engineers certificates in relation to the design of the above floor structure are included with Imagine Kit Homes.

As a guide, if you double the kit price plus 10% it will give you an indication of the total cost. Our costs are for the manufacturing and supply of the framing as well as the full set of inclusions listed on the features page.

Imagine Kit homes are carefully packed into containers and can be sent anywhere in the world. We service any location on the planet including (but not limited to) USA, Canada, Australia, India, South America, China, New Zealand & The Pacific Islands.

Imagine kit homes do provide in-depth support throughout the building process, we are always on hand to answer any questions or to help guide you through any minor issues that may arise. We provide detailed plans and instructions that allow building a home to be as simple as A-B-C, with one step completed you simply do the next and so on until the build is completed. It really is that easy with Imagine Kit Homes because all the instructions are provided to you, requiring minimal thinking or problem solving, allowing you to progress through the project smoothly.

The imagine kit homes project management system comes in three parts. The first part is we provide you with detailed plans & instructions as well as step by step guides. Part two is the provision of a building expert that will provide ongoing support to you throughout the build and help answer any questions throughout the build.

The third and final part is you will have access to our computerised online project management system. This makes managing the project easy. Your dedicated building expert will also monitor your progress and interact with you on the same platform.

Quoted prices are the materials for the supply of a kit home. They do not include any personal choice items including internal fittings or labour – you can see all the standard features as well as upgrade options on the features page

From the time that the kit home is manufactured in the factory to on site delivery can vary depending on where in the world you are, however as most locations are serviced regularly – as a guide most homes are delivered within 3 weeks of leaving the factory, the closer to Australia the project is generally the time to delivery reduces to 1-2 weeks after manufacture.

Imagine Kit Homes will make sure homes arrive on site, on time, in relation to the project management system, ready to go with everything on hand, ready to go. We can deliver kits in stages or all at once depending on the time line and complexity of the project.

To get started, we recommend looking at what you can afford, find out local planning and building consent processes and things you might need prior to building.

Then select a design you like and we can take it from there, The imagine process is a turn key system.

Simply get in touch and a building expert will be on hand to answer any questions and guide you thorough the easy to follow, simple as A-B-C system we have developed to help people just like you build their dream tiny house at a considerable discount to dealing with a group home builder. We empower you to take action & save money, with full support and guidance along the journey.

Imagine Kit Homes manufacture the Kit homes in Brisbane, Australia. Homes are then sent to every corner of the earth, Including the USA, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, India, China.

Our construction system has been used to construct homes right across the globe! from the harsh desert environments of Dubai through to the rugged, exposed coastlines of New Zealand.

Australia, with one of the worlds biggest natural resources pertaining to steel production gives Imagine kit homes unprecedented access to high quality steel at rates below other countries manufacturing costs. This allows Imagine Kit homes a competitive advantage, even when sending homes around the world.

At Imagine Kit Homes our aim is to get the house to your site as cheaply as possible with no additional margins added. We encourage our customers to seek the best price possible and if you are able to beat our prices we are more than comfortable using your transport option.

Shipping can be performed all at once in a shipping container or as each stage is completed at the client’s discretion, we also offer the option for clients to purchase the container to be used as a site office & secure storage during the build.

Once a deposit is paid you will receive a set of detailed plans and instructions on critical first steps. these steps could include advising council of your intentions to build, getting building consent and anything else like site specific foundations or site excavation items that need to be considered before work commences on site. We will also work with you to develop a customised project management plan that you will follow from start to completion so you are never left feeling like you don’t know what you are doing! Imagine kit homes are here for you every step of the way, our job is to make the whole process an enjoyable one, with the end result being a home you love!

Building With Steel, Sustainability & Efficiencies.

Framing costs account for around 10% of the total build cost, where the cost advantages are with steel framing is in the fact that steel framing goes up a lot quicker & faster than timber homes, so there is a saving of time and money.

Steel framing is much easier to handle and lift – limiting the requirements for cranes and heavy lift equipment on site. Finally, further savings are made because steel is far straighter and more precise than wood, so there are no additional finishing requirements like plaining the walls or rejigging something into alignment before the interior lining of the home can be started.

Although steel and wood are comparable in price, steel is faster, lighter & more precise – meaning you save time and money when building a steel framed home.

The consent process for a steel framed home is similar to that of a traditionally built home, common requirements such as engineers statements and foundation designs are needed – same with a timber home,. The cost of a building consent will vary depending on your local council or building department, however there should be no price difference between timber & steel consent costs.

No. cold-formed steel framing appeared in the early 20th Century, the first documented use was the Virginia Baptist Hospital built around 1925 in Lynchburg, Virginia.Nowadays in Australia 15% of all new homes built are steel. In Hawaii 42% of all new homes are made with steel framing. Japan constructs close to 150,000 steel framed homes every year!

The timber houses of the past were built with heart timber, either native or imported. Designs allowed for wall and roof cavities that could “breathe” and were relatively lightly insulated. This protected the timber from condensation and hence ensured its durability.

Modern building designs and building wraps don’t protect the framing from condensation due to the the fact the walls and roof are highly insulated which reduces airflow, often wood is only treated on the surface with chemicals that help protect it against rot and termites.

Steel is an engineered product which is much better suited to retaining durability in modern house construction and has a proven track record of over 60 years in Australia.  Steel does not absorb water or change dimensionally when water is present. In wooden framed homes, these situations could lead to cracking of internal linings as well as long term erosion of structural integrity of the framing due to rot, a problem that owners of Imagine Kit Homes are highly unlikely to encounter.

Both wood & steel framing do not come with a fire rating in themselves. To achieve a fire rating the application of fire resistant linings are applied and can deliver whatever level of fire resistance that is required. However in saying that the benefits of a steel home versus a home made from wood in a fire – is that the steel framing is “non-combustable” meaning that fire will not spread easily through the framing cavity as the frame itself cannot catch fire.

Steel homes fire loads are significantly reduced due to the use of steel framing, a lower fire load means a less severe fire. Electrical faults are the most common causes of fires in wall cavities, steel framing cannot be ignited by an electrical defect.

Imagine Kit homes are similar in design to traditionally built homes. Radio waves pass easily through the structure without interference meaning no disruption to watching tv & talking on a cell phone.

The steel frame design of Imagine Kit Homes offer better protection because steel is a good conductor. Steel creates a positive earth and allows lightening to earth with the ground easily.

Steel framed homes are earthed to the ground – this means that the lightening is earthed down into the ground as opposed to being absorbed within the structure as with other building materials.

Imagine kit homes will only look different to a home with wooden framing if it it meant to look different, the steel framing will not affect the aesthetics of the home. All the cladding and roofing options available on a wooden frame home are also available with a steel frame kit home.

Yes. Because Imagine Kit homes are constructed from sustainable steel this means they are better for the environment. Globally 66% of steel is recycled making steel construction far better for the environment. Steel framed homes also weigh less – reducing carbon emissions through lighter transport requirements.

Imagine Kit homes are also sustainable because a very limited amount of wood is used throughout the build – for cladding and internal features. This reduces the need for additional trees to be felled for the framing.

The steel for the framing is cut using laser cutters and computers – there is little waste when putting up the steel framing because everything is already cut to the exact dimensions required.  Wood framing, on the other hand –  commonly 10 to 20% of all material is wasted.

Because steel framed homes are earthed and generally fitted with an RCD, same as with timber homes they are safe when exposed to an electrical fault. A big difference comes if the steel framing is exposed to a live wire situation, the earthing creates a short and the rcd trips the safety switch that prevents the chance of electrocution – so there is little change of being electrocuted. Conversely a broken or or damaged wire in a conventionally built home can still remain live – causing troublesome faults and worst case scenario, a fire risk and potential fire.

Imagine Kit Homes do come with a warranty, Yes. The components of the steel framing used are precision manufactured in our factory using blue scope steel, Australia’s largest and most respected steel supplier. All Imagine kit homes come with a 50 year durability warranty, backed by Bluescope™.

Sound is conducted through all walls made with solid material, Steel framing is slightly better than wood framing by 1-2 db,  enhancing acoustic properties and reducing noice travel is done through the use of wall linings and additional insulation within the wall itself. Imagine kit homes, at your request, can provide a higher than standard acoustic lining with any of our kit homes.

The steel framing used in Imagine Kit Homes features a ‘cold cutting’ coating. When the steel is cut, exposed or damaged our steel kit homes have a self healing ability where the zinc in the coating surrounding the steel will react with moisture in the air resulting in galvanic protection of the newly exposed edge and protecting the underlying steel.

Rust cannot spread through the steel from a cut edge like in surface treated timber. Timber requires a rot preventing chemical to be applied at the cut ends to stop rot from progressing however – with Imagine Kit Homes this protection is built into the product itself guarding against rust.

Steel, due to its high heat conducting properties requires a thermal break. Often portrayed as a weakness by providers of timber homes – it is actually one of the greatest strengths of building a home with steel.

When a thermal break is in place the steel framing on the inside of the thermal break remains at a higher temperature at which condensation in the wall cavity will occur. This ensures long term durability of the framing.

If you looked at traditional timber framing as a comparison with no thermal break, the framing will attract moisture & condensation during winter, increasing the moisture content and generating movement that could damage internal linings and affect the long term strength of the wood framing, irrespective of the overall weather tightness of the house.

Yes they are. Steel framing is required to meet certain industry required energy standards. Because steel framing is light and true, this helps to prevent cracks and gaps within the structure created by the warping or distortion of the framing – preventing air leaks that can disrupt the thermal dynamics inside the home.

All Imagine kit homes are designed with a thermal break that keeps homes cooler in the summer and dryer & warmer in the winter – this makes our homes very energy efficient.

Building and finishing steel frame homes are very much the same as building with wood, some trades may require some further instruction which Imagine Kit Homes provides throughout the build.

Builders that have traditionally built wooden framed homes and changed to steel are genuinely surprised at how easy it is to work with. With steel framing now becoming more widely adopted, chances are most builders you contact will have had some experience with steel frame homes.

Imagine kit homes are built with steel framing – steel has the highest strength to weight ratio out of all the framing methods available. Steel also produces a lighter structure with stronger connections that results in lower amounts of damage from natural seismic and weather events.

Imagine kit homes can be designed to suit various seismic zones and can be built to withstand severe cyclones with winds of up to 192 Mph. A recent severe earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand demonstrated that although some steel homes had superficial damage there was no structural damage to speak of, compared to wooden homes, some of which had to be fully replaced.

Imagine kit homes framing is pre drilled to facilitate easy running of cables & plumbing, grommets are fitted to protect the cable insulation when pulling them through the hole. Service holes come pre drilled – this means less time on site for the electrician or plumber & reduced labour costs associated with these trades, saving you time and money.

Imagine kit homes are quiet inside, commonly walls and ceilings are filled with insulation, same as a wooden frame home would be. This insulation reduces noise from external environments.

If you are planning to build your home right by a main road or in a high noise environment – talk to Imagine Kit Homes about the various noise reduction options we can offer as part of the kit home package.

Steel framed homes can be built on concrete slabs or fixed to concrete or steel piles – same as traditional wooden framed homes. Steel flooring systems are great for sloping sites as significant reductions in foundation requirements can be made. If you are unsure what foundations will be best for your new home, simply get in touch and we can guide you the rest of the way.

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