Our Style

With a firm belief in the architectural principle that form follows function we are dedicated to our pursuit of continually refining our designs to create beautiful homes that are gorgeous to live in. With liveable designs, value-packed kits, and a team of architects who always strive for perfection, don’t settle for the ordinary when you can imagine more. 

Working with your Natural Environment for sustainable year-round comfort.

Imagine Kit Homes use the latest in environmentally sustainable design principles to make the most of every opportunity to provide you with cost-effective, year-round comfort. Making the most of your natural environment includes:
  • Maximising northerly orientation
  • Capturing prevailing breezes
  • Incorporating thermal mass
Wherever you choose to build your dream house Imagine Kit Homes can find great cost-effective design strategies to make the most of your natural environment, and reduce the carbon footprint of your new home. No matter what the practical considerations are, at Imagine Kit Homes we love to meet the challenge and build homes that are great for you, and better for the environment.
Principles we live by:

No wasted spaces

Make the most of the land available – which means making sure no space is wasted and every bit of the property adds something positive to your lifestyle.

Minimise environmental impact

Take every opportunity to incorporate ecologically sustainable principals like climate control, rainwater harvesting, and energy efficient design, into our plans.

More than a trend

Timeless beauty is about creating homes that elicit an emotional response with visual elements that reflect the moment in time and the ambiance of the environment.

Make it more than practical

Every vista available can be enjoyed with designs that are respectful of the land around them.

A space for everyone, every day

Establish living spaces that allow interaction when it’s desired, and privacy when it’s needed.

Keep it cost-effective, by keeping it real

Deliver the most affordable kit homes by utilising readily available technology and offering realistic products that respond to the real needs of buyers and builders.

Enjoy the best of the conditions

Provide structures that enable home-owners to shape the climate and their environment to suit – no matter the season.

Safe transitions

We think about your safety so you don’t have to with secure transitions between public areas and the private spaces of your home.

A dynamic business

Nothing should stay the same forever, and the includes our designs. We take pride in communicating with the marketplace so that we can continue to develop and refine our product.

Rooms with a view  designs to make the most of your vista.

If you’re lucky enough to have a property that overlooks the water, a golf course, a rural landscape, or a beautiful green space then you’re going to want a home that makes the most of the view. We design kits with dynamic interiors featuring large, open spaces to maximise beautiful natural surroundings and the ability to meet the changing needs of the people who live there. We complement these spaces with private retreats because we all have different needs at different times.

Be assured, even when we focus on providing these grand living areas, we still remember all the important little things. Our homes designed in this range are carefully crafted so that no space is wasted, all of your security concerns are addressed, your climate is factored in, and the functionality of every aspect is considered.

Take for example the FAR NORTH, with its well-designed progression from the public space to private space includes a wonderful discreet intervening area that provides a grand entrance to the front door. Picture yourself arriving home to a luxurious vista right from the front door through the living areas with their elegant three-metre-high ceilings, over the outdoor pool, and beyond to a view of your beautiful natural surroundings.

Or if you really want to add a touch of drama to your life, the VISION version of this design has epic five-metre high ceilings throughout the entry and living areas – a showstopping way of maximising any natural surroundings.

Small on land size, not style and liveability.

Just because your land is small, doesn’t mean your home has to feel cramped, or that you have to miss out on all of the benefits of building on a larger block size. By effectively establishing zones within your home, Imagine Kit Homes has found huge success in ensuring small lot homes still feel spacious, with a great flow and plenty of room for everyone.

Small lot building is increasing in popularity as people choose to spend their time more wisely and because of that, the CINDY is a popular choice.
The CINDY design allows living areas to take advantage of a northerly aspect while the bedrooms and garage can be located on the southern side of the property. The clever design means there’s even enough space for the main bedroom to have its own rear garden area, creating a welcome parents’ retreat.

Imagine – a home that changes with you.

With Imagine Kit Homes you can design a home that can easily change with you, no matter what stage of life you’re at, or what your new needs are. Our adaptable housing lets you easily modify your home to suit your new requirements at a fraction of the usual disruption or cost.

With Imagine Kit Homes you can design a home that can easily change with you, no matter what stage of life you’re at, or what your new needs are. Our adaptable housing allows you to get the home you need in the future, without having to leave the home you love. Adaptable designs let you easily modify your home to suit your new requirements at a fraction of the usual disruption or cost and can be incorporated into your design for as little as 2% of the construction costs. As an added bonus is that if you do decide to sell, adaptable homes cater to a broader market and often command a higher resale price.

If you’d like to find out more about our range of adaptable housing designs, simply contact the Imagine Kit Homes team.